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How To Use

Bye Bye Cellulite

Apply to the areas on your body affected by cellulite with gentle movements.
You will feel a warming sensation, don't worry - it means it's working!

You can apply before or after Lymphatic Drainage Effect, there is no right or wrong.

How to use

Lymphatic Drainage Effect

To perform self-lymphatic massage correctly, follow these steps:

1. start pressing on the area just below your collarbones to get the drainage started and activate your lymph nodes.
2. Then press the armpit three times with your right hand and vice versa.
3. To massage the stomach, press your palms flat down onto the area in between your hip bones with hands overlapping, make circular movements around the navel button 5 times.
4. Next, continue moving over the arms with light pressure from the elbow to the shoulder and repeat on the other side.
5. Pinch the entire stomach area gently.
6. Using a closed fist, slide your hands from the back of your hips 8 times.

If you want to keep going and drain your legs, just start at the groin, pressing three times. After, using a closed fist, slide your hands from the knee up 8 times. Next, squeeze the back of the knee 3 times and slide your hands from the foot back to the knee ten times.