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How does bye bye help reduces cellulite?

Cellulite is a very common alteration that affects the majority of women. Its causes can be a combination of factors such as unhealthy lifestyle, hormones and much more. Although, normal and most of us have it, there are tools to improve the appearance to help you to achieve desirable results.

Gente brings you active ingredients that penetrates the dermis layers and activates the lipolysis, breaking the fatty acids and transforming it into energy, draining the toxins, reconstructing the skin barrier and improving the cellulite aspect.

After how long will I see results?

Applying every day, twice a day, you should see results in 1 month of continued use. By this time your cells will have enough time to regenerate and improve the results.

Why do I feel a warming sensation after applying the product?

Gente utilize a noninvasive biotechnology molecule to help stimulate the blood flow in a super safe environment with no side effects.

How do I know the cream is working?

You will see results in the appearance of your skin after several treatments. During the first stage, the cellulite and fatty acids will start breaking down so you might notice that they got smaller and it might be spread out - don’t worry! Trust the process. After that, you will see visible improvement in elasticity and firmness. It’s a gradual process that will evolve along with the treatment.

Can I use it everyday?

You should for better results. Apply twice a day, once in the AM, and before going to bed to maximize the effects.

What are the areas where I can apply the cream?

You can apply Gente Bye Bye Cellulite cream on the areas where you have cellulites and accumulated fat. Usually the stomach area, thighs and gluteus. 

Can pregnant women use this cream?

This product has not been tested in pregnant women. You should check with your doctor before starting the treatment.

What could be the causes of not achieving the desired results?

Dense layer of adipocytes can block the product penetration. Supplement the treatment with a healthy diet  and exercises can be very helpful.


What is lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that collects excess fluid that may contain toxins, foreign bodies, metabolic waste and drains from cells and tissue throughout the body. We have several lymphs in our body: neck, armpit, chest, abdomen (belly), and groin and the lymphatic drainage is the mechanism that helps you to get rid of the toxins and the body waste.

Our busy lifestyle, processed food, sedentary and many other causes can easily harm our system and is important to keep your body's circulation flowing and unclogged.


Gente drainage lymphatic effect activates and facilitates the lymphatic drainage system to flush unwanted ‘’trash’’ from our body with ingredients that will stimulate the microcirculation and cleanse in between your cell, moving your body fluids that will be wasted by your lymphatic system.

Are the results immediately?

All body types vary. After applying the cream you will immediately stimulate the lymphs flushing process and you will feel smoother look on your skin. 

Can I use it everyday?

You should for better results. Apply twice a day, once in the AM, and before going to bed to maximize the effects according to the chrono bio activity of the body.


How long will it take to see the first results?

Applying twice a day, you should see results in 28-32 days, by this time your cells will have enough time to regenerate.


Gente is Committed

We are a company committed to promoting the benefits of self-care and improved skin, health and well-being for everyone, advocating a strong sense of environmental protection and social responsibility.

We take great care to ensure that all our raw materials are ethically sourced in Brazil.
We only obtain natural resources from companies committed to sustainable environmental practices and policies.

Our products are 100% vegan, cruelty free and packaged in recyclable materials.

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