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A line of body care products using native Brazilian ingredients and the most innovative biotechnology molecules to treat your skin. Self lymphatic drainage on the-go offering essential creams and treatments for all body types. 

"In Brazil, we are about body care first and we want to bring our beauty, culture and values to you. For us, body care is about rituals, treatment, and education. For Brazilians, sexiness comes from confidence. We believe the skin on our bodies deserves the same attention as the skin on our faces.When you're taking care of your body and treating your skin with intention, you'll want to show it off. That's when your confidence will shine through. 

Confidence is happiness.
Own your own skin.

From Brazil, for everyBODY."

Nourished & Tighter Skin

Clean, vegan formula to give you the most beautiful skin you've always dreamed of.

Native Brazilian Ingredients

Discover the power of ethically sourced Amazonian ingredients carefully crafted in our lotions.

Discover Bye Bye Cellulite

Get that extra burn sensation - helping improve microcirculation and reducing the appearance of cellulite